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Livedata.Mobi is proud to work with US based NGO to build powerful analytics for project in Africa

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

We at truly believe that business data is invaluable and real time insights are critical for any successful business. Livedata.Mobi is proud to build dashboards for their NGO client that enabled real-time integration of survey data analytics from the remotest parts of Africa to the screens of California HQs powered by Klipfolio.

Our client’s survey team is using open source custom tool called AkvoFLOW for data collection from remotest parts of Africa. The unique feature of AkvoFLOW is that it is one of the rare data gathering mobile application tool, which does not rely on any form of digital data-transfer mechanism for collecting data-points. Survey teams only need to carry a charged cell phone device for collecting data. Once network range becomes available, the data can be uploaded on FLOW database server.

However, AkvoFLOW offers limited data analysis capability with prebuilt graphical summary which had to be manually generated by logging into the tool. Further, most of the data remained confined within AkvoFLOW tool. Livedata.Mobi addressed this limitation by extracting raw data from AkvoFlow using their APIs to a database hosted on cloud google server. Using Livedata.Mobi solution and Klipfolio application, we were able to display powerful analytics and share real time project status with stakeholders reviewing it from California. Project reporting which would earlier take many days of data capturing and tracking project status over multiple tools and datasheets is now readily available in real time to every stakeholder as well as every team member working from Africa.

Why is this so significant?

This is the first instance of integration between AkvoFLOW and Klipfolio using APIs. We took it up as a challenge to integrate data from AkvoFLOW servers in real time on Klipfolio dashboard.

AkvoFLOW is a unique tool in many ways, it can collect user data and record it in survey forms without need for any data transfer in real time. This made AkovoFLOW a perfect choice for NGO ground staff as all they needed was a charged cellphone and they could collect thousands of responses from remotest of places. Once the device would come in network range, this data would be uploaded on AkvoFLOW servers.

However, the data analysis capability of AkvoFlow are limited. Hence the data collected through surveys provided limited insights and was not utilized to its full potential.

Enter custom dashboard by

We suggested to integrate AkovoFLOW data with Klipfolio for analytics. Klipfolio enabled us to create specific analytics dashboards that helped track KPIs for project success. These dashboards would automatically update once data is synced from AkvoFLOW servers.

Our three-step approach enabled us to complete this mammoth project in a records time of two weeks.’s Approach for Klipfolio and AkvoFLOW Integration

The Result

Our client loved the outcome of AkvoFLOW and Klipfolio integration. Now all the metrics they required were available to them in real time at a click on their mobile devices. This saved them hours of efforts of manual data integration and provided a much clearer picture of their efforts. Sharing real time insights with analysts in California also allowed the ground workers pivot their approach on at grassroot level almost immediately, thus improving the impact of their work many folds.

In customer’s words, “I have appreciated working with Anu and recommend her highly. She helped us build a program dashboard, working to understand our needs and enabling them come to reality. Anu was able to work through a complex API (the first Klipfolio dashboard to link to this database that we know of). Her communication was great. We are excited by the tool we now have in the dashboard and look forward to working with Anu on future projects.”

Custom Dashboard build by

About us: is a US based klipfolio certified company specializing in data analytics and custom dashboard development. Over a span of last 5 years, our team has built custom dashboards for hundreds of small and medium sized companies spanning across geographies and industries. To know more about our services check out our website or reach us at email


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