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Empower your e-commerce Business with Custom Analytics Dashboards

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Every online business worth its mettle would agree that Shopify is not just an e-commerce platform for them. It is an elixir for All Things Sales be it through website, social media or blended. Businesses today big or small swear by Shopify when it comes to managing their stores. But like every goliath Shopify has a weak spot-its analytics leaves a lot be desired! That’s why you need to add one magic ingredient to make your store running on Shopify truly cutting edge -powerful analytics by Livedata.Mobi.

New age business thrives on user engagement. It is nurtured by customer success and marketing teams through constant social media interactions. However, for a business to be truly ‘Intelligent’ you need to understand your entire customer life cycle and be able to link how marketing budget spent through Facebook Ads, Instagram, Pinterest and Google AdWords,email campaigns through Emma and sign up forms through Google Analytics are converting to actual orders on Shopify. Tracking revenue and profits is just not enough anymore, as a successful business you also need to know CAC (cost to acquire new customers) through social media and email campaigns, Churn and Cost to Retain customers through customer support to track overall ROI.

This in no way is an easy-breezy and that is why you need team Livedata.Mobi by your side! We build custom business dashboards using Klipfolio to track your entire business cycle from Leads to Conversion. We put “Intelligence” back in Business, so that you hear your business story in Real time!

Here are the top 3 reasons why your business needs custom dashboards if your store is running on Shopify:

1.Traffic and Funnels:

On Average less than 2% of visitors will buy. Considering how low conversion rates are, re targeting can be effective way to increase your conversion rate. But how do you re target audience unless you know successful ingredient aka killer email campaigns and ad sets?

At Livedata.Mobi we understand this business challenge well. We create custom Sales Funnel that combine traffic data from across channels like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Emma, Pinterest, Google Analytics with Shopify sales and order to show complete Life cycle as traffic convert from visitor to Paid Customer.

On average, less than 2% of total visitors will buy in your Shopify store

Typical Sales Funnel shows sales life cycle from visitors to paid customers.

A Typical sales conversion funnel

2. In-Depth Analytics on Shopify Store metrics

Inbuilt dashboards and reports on Shopify are plain and basic. While Shopify offers satisfactory analytics for one level of variable filter, their inbuilt dashboards fail miserably short for multi-level analytics. For Example, do you know what percentage of sales this year has come from repeat customers who have spent more than $100 on your store in past? Using custom dashboards built by Livedata.Mobi using Klipfolio, data segmentation and analytics is a breeze. We can write custom queries to segment data anyway you like and build dashboards which are a visual treat. As they say picture is worth a thousand words!

Compare Shopify inbuilt dashboard with Livedata.Mobi custom built dashboard.

Comparison if inbuild Shopify dashboard vs custom dashboard built by Livedata.Mobi

Shopify dashboard v/s Custom Dashboard build by Livedata.Mobi

3. Shopify APIs have limited Scalability:

Shopify store works brilliantly, even with very high order volumes running over 5M+; however, Shopify APIs have rate limitations and can only fetch up to 10k records at a time. For B2C based e-commerce stores running on Shopify this could be a major bottleneck to integrate Shopify data with other BI tools for custom analytics. At Livedata.Mobi we have successfully built data integrations using database layers capable of storing millions of order records so that our solution is both scalable and powerful. This ensures that as you process your next successful Order on Shopify you don’t have to worry about analytics not keeping pace. Powerful custom Analytics at your fingertips!

We Build custom dashboards integrating dozens of business tools to tell a good business story-How is your business today?

About us: Livedata.Mobi is a US based Klipfolio certified company specializing in data analytics and custom dashboard development. Over a span of last 5 years, our team has built custom dashboards for hundreds of small and medium sized companies spanning across geographies and industries. To know more about our services check out our website or reach us at email


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